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Specialty Items

About Our Specialties


Gelato Milkshakes

Your choice of gelato blended with organic whole milk topped off with whipped cream and syrup making for the perfect stroll-in-the-park snack and beverage. Rich yet refreshing!


Gelato Cold
Brew Float

A take on a root beer float. This includes a 4-oz scoop of gelato on a cold brew Americano with whipped cream and your choice of syrup.

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Pick one gelato flavor of your choice that will be accompanied by a shot of espresso. Pour the espresso over your gelato for a coffee-based dessert that would go great alone or with any pastry!


Brioche Al Gelato

A Sicilian take on an ice cream sandwich, where we heat-press fresh locally made buttery and soft brioche buns from Uncle Matt's Bakery with a scoop of the gelato of your choice!



High-quality and beautiful French Macarons sure to satisfy with the best taste with a lightly crispy exterior followed by a chewy center that is packed with flavor. Our macarons are made by the company of the World-Renowned French Chocolatier, Chef Thierry-Atlan, who's worked in spaces from Dubai to Disneyland Paris.

"Get the gelato on a brioche fresh from Matt's bakery!! They toast it perfectly - reminds me of being in Italy!"
- Seamus O.

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